Project Description

Encouraging and promoting safe and fun bicycling throughout our community

Bikes on Rice is a series of leisurely, free neighborhood rides in and around Līhu‘e intended for people of all abilities and ages to enjoy bicycling. These rides are designed to encourage and promote safe and fun bicycling throughout our community. Each ride lasts for approximately 1 hour.

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COVID-19 New Guidelines and Safety Precautions

Bikes on Rice Safety COVID-19 precautions include:

  • No congregating in the county parking lot prior to the start of the ride
  • Practice standard social distancing
  • Participants will touch only their own family group’s equipment
  • No mechanical assistance will be offered or provided
  • No food or beverages will be offered or provided by event coordinators
  • Coordinators recommend participants’ mask usage
  • Participating cyclists will be limited to six or fewer riders per SQUAD member & bicycling group
  • SQUAD members will serve as guides for the pre-determined tour on Lihue’s quiet streets


We want people being comfortable riding through town. The more bicycles you see, the more you’ll expect to see them. More safety. It’s not the Spandex bicycle crowd. It’s just regular folks riding bikes around the neighborhood.

- Jim Benkert, Bikes on Rice Chairman, As quoted in the Garden Island (February 12, 2018)

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