Project Description

Renovating Kalena Park in the Līhu‘e Town Core

The Kalena Park Action Group is the outcome of two previous groups: the YEAH action group and the Rice Street Block Party. The Rice Street Block Party brought a new-found interest and enthusiasm for the revitalization of the Rice Street District and included a highly successful Keiki in the Park day at Kalena Park.

The YEAH action group engaged middle-school aged youth from the Boys and Girls Club in an analysis of their built environment, and they focused on the need to renovate Kalena Park in the Līhu‘e Town Core. Their recommendation was to start with programming, such as movies in the park, to focus interest in park renovation. As a result of their recommendations, a new action group has been formed to program a movie series at Kalena Park. This is perhaps the most age-diverse action group, bringing together everyone from middle-school age youth to seniors living at the adjacent Kaniko‘o Senior Housing.

It is very exciting to be a part of Get Fit Kaua‘i’s Kalena Park Action Group, featuring a cross-section of community groups committed to redesigning Kalena Park. The TIGER Grant promises to completely make over downtown Lihue and it is only fitting that a park in the middle of this urban rejuvenation reflects the needs of the people. This is a true grassroots effort.

Larry Feinstein, Kilauea Resident

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