Project Description

Incorporating physical activity into the workday

Eighty-two percent of the U.S. population is linked in some way to a worksite. With the exception of sleeping, people spend more of their waking hours at work than anywhere else, making it a prime venue for promoting healthful habits.

When it comes to employee health, it takes more than just offering sick days to keep your employees healthy and productive. Worksite health promotion programs can have a positive effect on health status, reduce absenteeism, improve productivity, and increase morale.

The Overall Goal of Get Fit Kauai’s Worksite Wellness Task Force is to increase opportunities for physical activity and healthful nutrition in the workplaces. Through healthful eating and regular physical activity, the workers of Kauai will reduce the burden of disease, increase years of healthy life, and reduce health disparities.

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    As a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, I believe in the value of wellness. I feel that companies who are willing to invest time and resources into their employees wellness is the key to changing our poor health care, and obesity epidemic in America. I think the emphasis on helping local companies get written policies in place will ensure the future of wellness for years to come.

    Stacy Ricciardi